Why Every Family Using Assisted Reproduction Needs an Attorney

There are many ways to build a family, and parents who are unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy on their own are increasingly turning to assisted reproductive technologies (ART), including fertility treatments, egg or sperm donation, embryo adoption, and surrogacy.

ART often involves complex medical processes, and these special families often also have unique legal needs. Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman  represents these hopeful parents, as well as the surrogates and donors who help make their dreams of parenthood a reality.

Here, learn more about several common types of ART and the legal services you may need on your family-building journey.

What is surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is the most contemporary means of adding to your family when you are not able to carry a pregnancy yourself. Essentially, gestational surrogacy is a legal arrangement in which a woman (referred to as the “surrogate” or “gestational carrier”) becomes pregnant by means of an embryo transfer and gives birth to a child for another person or couple (referred to as the “intended parents”).

Experienced attorneys are required in every surrogacy arrangement to ensure the intended parents and surrogate both understand their rights and responsibilities during the process. Whether you are considering becoming a surrogate or adding to your family through surrogacy in Georgia or North Carolina, we can provide all of the services you need to safely and legally complete the process, including:

  • guiding you through the intended parent or surrogate recruitment, screening, evaluation and selection process.
  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating highly detailed surrogacy agreements based on your individual circumstances.
  • obtaining pre-birth parentage orders to establish the intended parents as the child’s legal parents.
  • referring you to top professionals, including reproductive endocrinologists and psychologists, for additional surrogacy services as needed.
  • and more.

Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman  also owns and operates Southern Surrogacy, LLC, a full-service surrogacy program that recruits, screens, and matches gestational carriers with intended parents and then helps to manage the surrogacy journey from embryo transfer through delivery of the child. The lawyers of Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman  also provide legal services for those pursuing independent surrogacy or working with other surrogacy agencies.

If you are considering surrogacy and would like to know more about our North Carolina and Georgia surrogacy services, please contact us or schedule a consultation with Southern Surrogacy to learn more about your surrogacy options.

To learn more about assisted reproduction, embryo adoption, and surrogacy in Georgia and North Carolina, please contact Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman  to schedule a consultation and begin your family-building journey.