What is Egg and Sperm Donation?

One of the most common forms of ART is sperm and egg donation. LGBT parents, unmarried individuals, families pursuing surrogacy and those struggling with infertility are often able to add to their families using donor eggs or sperm.

Whether you are considering becoming a donor or require a donor’s assistance to add to your family, Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman  can provide the legal guidance and services you need. As your family-building attorney, we will ensure the parental rights for the child are fully clarified, the donor has made a legally enforceable donation and there’s no question about each party’s legal relationship to the child.

We are highly experienced in drafting and negotiating detailed donor agreements tailored to each individual’s specific needs. In addition, we can provide referrals to the best egg and sperm banks in Georgia and North Carolina as you search for the right donor for your family.

With assisted reproductive technology on the cutting edge of medicine and the law, we are constantly updating our contract provisions to conform with the changing legal landscape of this evolving form of family building. Our goal in representing intended parents, surrogates, donors and recipients is to ensure that all parties’ rights and interests are protected, and especially to protect the parent-child relationship of the family.

To learn more about assisted reproduction, embryo adoption, and surrogacy in Georgia and North Carolina, please contact Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman  to schedule a consultation and begin your family-building journey.