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Are you considering adopting a baby in Macon or giving a baby up for adoption in Macon? There are many professionals involved in a Macon adoption, but the best place to get started is with the law firm of Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman .

Every adoption in Macon requires an adoption attorney, and our law firm is happy to help you in your adoption process, no matter whether you’re ready to start today or are still looking for more information. Like an adoption anywhere else in the U.S., an adoption in Macon is a commitment — and it’s important that every prospective adoptive parent and pregnant woman considering adoption have as much information as they need to make the best decision for them.

Our experienced lawyers can serve as your adoption attorney in Macon, providing you with this information and referrals to other trusted adoption professionals, should you need their assistance. While we do not have a physical office located in Macon, our office in Atlanta is always available for any in-person meetings or discussions you wish to have about your adoption process. No matter your physical proximity to our office locations, you will always receive the same amount of dedication and service as any other person pursuing adoption in Georgia. We are always prepared to offer you the legal services you need, like notifying you of your legal rights and role in the adoption process and finalizing your adoption in a local Macon county court. To learn more about how we can help you, please call our office at 404-442-6969.

While our team can provide all the legal assistance you need during your adoption in Macon, we may not be able to provide all of the practical adoption services you desire, like emotional counseling and case management. However, there are many local professionals that do offer these services and are available to you for your adoption in Macon. We are happy to provide references to any additional adoption professionals you need, and we always encourage our clients to do diligent research before deciding on a Macon adoption professional that’s right for them.

Here is a basic list of some of the adoption professionals you may need to complete your adoption in Macon and the surrounding area:

Infant Adoption Agencies in Macon

Many prospective adoptive parents and pregnant women considering adoption choose to work with one of the local adoption agencies in Macon for the services that a law firm like Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman  cannot provide. These services can include:

  • Matching services to find an adoptive family or prospective birth mother
  • 24/7 counseling and support services
  • Case management
  • Open adoption contact mediation
  • And more

Many of our clients work with adoption agencies, whether they enlist an agency’s services after contacting us or are referred to our legal assistance by their own agency. Therefore, for those who are interested in adoption agencies in Macon and surrounding areas, we are happy to provide referrals to professionals that we trust. Here are a few local Georgia agencies to consider:

Foster Care Adoption Agencies in Macon

Another type of agency prospective adoptive parents may wish to work with is a foster care adoption agency in Macon. These are agencies that specialize in the placement of children who are eligible for adoption through the foster care system and whose parents’ rights have already been terminated.

At the law firm of Claiborne|Fox|Bradley, we can help you complete the legal process of your foster care adoption, but you will likely need to work with a local foster care agency to receive the proper training and find an available adoption situation. The overseeing agency for foster care in Macon is the Georgia Division of Family and Children’s Services. Professionals you may consider for this kind of Macon adoption include:

Home Study Providers in Macon

Home study investigations are required in almost every single Macon adoption (except for certain stepparent and relative adoptions). This investigation is a way for a licensing agency to make sure a prospective adoptive family is ready to welcome an adopted child into their home, as well as the unique challenges that come with raising an adopted child.

There are home study providers throughout Georgia who can help complete your in-home interviews and visits to get you approved for the adoption process. While there are no home study providers with offices in Macon, these providers will send a trained social worker to wherever you are located to make sure you can effectively and properly meet this adoption requirement.

Some local professionals include:

Hospitals in Macon

Another important local resource for any adoption in Macon is a hospital and obstetrician for those who want to place a baby for adoption in Macon. When you’re a pregnant woman considering adoption, you have the right to trusted, local professionals who can help you through your journey while considering adoption and making a plan for you and your unborn baby. You have the right to choose your own obstetrician and a hospital that’s convenient for you, no matter where the adoptive parents that you choose live.

It’s critical that every woman, whether she’s considering adoption or not, starts receiving prenatal care as soon as she realizes she’s pregnant. Here are some local and nearby medical professionals available to you:

777 Hemlock Street

Macon, GA 31201


350 Hospital Drive

Macon, GA 31217


350 Hospital Drive

Macon, GA 31217


As always, if you’re considering adoption or have questions about the process, our adoption attorneys are happy to provide you the information you need with no obligation to choose adoption until you’re sure it’s right for you. Please call us today absolutely for free at 404-442-6969.

Start Your Macon Adoption Today

Clearly, having a local, experienced adoption professional will be a huge part of making your Macon adoption experience a positive one. You can start with our local adoption attorneys today. We’ll provide you all the information you need to know about adopting a baby in Macon or placing a baby for adoption in Macon and, when you’re ready, help you get started and connect you to other experienced adoption professionals, should you need them.

To learn more about the adoption process today and how Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman  can help you reach your adoption goals, please call us at 404-442-6969 or contact us online.

While the resources presented in this article are helpful for those looking to complete an adoption in Macon, they are by no means the only adoption professionals available to you in this region. As always, we encourage prospective adoptive parents and women considering adoption to explore all of their options and research which professional is best for their personal adoption preferences. We are always happy to provide a more extensive list of Macon adoption professionals for you to consider.

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