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Are you looking into adopting a baby in Augusta or considering placing a baby for adoption in Augusta? The process can seem overwhelming and you may not be sure where to start — but a good first step is contacting an experienced Augusta adoption attorney like those at the law firm of Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman .

Whether you’re a hopeful adoptive parent or a pregnant woman considering adoption, the Georgia and Augusta adoption process can be a very involved one, requiring several kinds of experienced professionals to complete it in a legal, ethical and efficient manner. At Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman , we are happy to provide you the information you need to help you decide whether adoption is right for your family and, when you’re ready, help you start the adoption process with our experienced adoption attorneys.

While we do not have a law office located in Augusta, we regularly complete adoptions throughout the state and are prepared to serve as your adoption lawyer in Augusta for all your legal needs. Our law offices in Atlanta and Savannah are also always available for any in-person consultations and discussions you desire throughout the adoption process.

Our attorneys are prepared to explain the adoption process in detail with you, but beyond the legal aspects, we may not always be able to provide all the adoption services you desire in your process, like counseling and case management services. Therefore, some of our clients choose to work with our firm in addition to other local Augusta adoption professionals to meet all of their adoption goals.

Our law firm is happy to provide references to trusted Augusta adoption professionals that we typically work with, and we’ve listed a few of them in this article for you to start your research and decide which one is really right for you.

Infant Adoption Agencies in Augusta

For many prospective adoptive parents and women considering adoption, a national or local adoption agency can provide the services they’re looking for in the adoption process. These adoption professionals are known as “one-stop shops” for adoption, as they can provide most (if not all) of the services you need to complete an adoption, including:

  • Case management and coordination of services between several adoption professionals
  • Matching services to find an adoptive family or prospective birth mother
  • Professional counseling available 24/7
  • Contact mediation for open adoptions
  • And more

Because the law firm of Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman  does not provide all of these services, we constantly work with clients through their adoption agency, or refer our clients to other national, Georgia or Augusta adoption agencies so they can receive those services they’re looking for. As with every adoption professional, it’s important that you do extensive research to find out which adoption agency in Augusta is right for you, as this will be the professional that you work closely with throughout your adoption process.

Here are a few local professionals you may consider working with:

Foster Care Adoption Agencies in Augusta

Another option for those looking to adopt a child in Augusta is through the foster care system. There are many children waiting in foster homes who are eligible for adoption and, though they may be older and potentially have experienced some trauma, are just as deserving of loving forever homes as children adopted through other methods.

At the law firm of Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman , we can help you complete the legal process of your foster care adoption. To find an adoption opportunity and receive the proper training you need to be certified as adoptive parents, you’ll also need to work with a local foster care adoption agency in Augusta or nearby, like:

Home Study Providers in Augusta

Whether you choose to complete a private domestic infant adoption, a foster care adoption or an international adoption in Augusta, you will need to complete a home study investigation before you can be cleared to adopt a child. (Stepparent and relative adoptions are usually exceptions to this rule.)

While it may seem intimidating at first, a home study investigation is a routine process that actually helps prospective adoptive parents prepare for bringing an adopted child home. During this time, a trained social worker will visit your home and interview members of your household to make sure everyone is excited and prepared for the possibility of bringing an adopted family member home.

While there may not be any home study professionals with offices in Augusta, know that a Georgia home study professional will still conduct the process wherever you are located. Some professionals to consider are:

Hospitals in Augusta

Another critically important resource for any adoption in Augusta is the medical professionals and hospitals available for women who are considering adoption in this city. If you’re wondering about giving a baby up for adoption in Augusta, know that the entire process can likely take place in your home town with experienced professionals that are convenient for you.

Whether you’re still considering adoption or ready to start the process, it’s important that you and your baby start receiving prenatal care as soon as you know you are pregnant. With adoption, your medical expenses will be completely free for you.

When looking for a hospital or obstetrician in Augusta, you may consider these local options:

1298 Broad Street

Augusta, GA 30901


  • Augusta University Medical Center

1120 15th Street

Augusta, GA 30912


  • Trinity Hospital of Augusta

2260 Wrightsboro Road

Augusta, GA 30904


2806 Hillcreek Drive

Augusta, GA 30909


Remember, if you’re considering adoption, the decision and process will be entirely up to you. You can choose the adoptive family you want for your child, how much contact you wish to have with them post-adoption and more. Once you contact our law firm, we can even help you find a hospital or obstetrician in Augusta and create a hospital plan for your delivery that you’re comfortable with.

Start Your Augusta Adoption Today

When you work with experienced professionals like our adoption attorneys at Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman , your adoption journey will proceed smoothly with the guidance of trained professionals who have been through it all before. You always have the right to choose Augusta adoption professionals that you’re comfortable working with, and we are happy to provide you referrals to those organizations that can meet your personal adoption goals and preferences.

To learn more about the services we can provide you throughout your adoption process or to get started today, please call our office at 404-442-6969 or contact us online.

We know that there are many Georgia and Augusta adoption professionals available to you, whether you’re a hopeful parent or a pregnant woman considering adoption. This list does not include all of them, so we encourage all of our clients to fully research the options available to them and use their own research to decide which professional is best for them. Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman  is always happy to provide additional references in your area.

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