What is Embryo Adoption?

While most adoptions involve children who have already been born, there is another option for hopeful parents who want to experience pregnancy and childbirth: embryo adoption.

Frozen embryo adoption allows hopeful parents to adopt an embryo that was leftover and donated by a couple who has been through in vitro fertilization. Through this form of adoption, an adoptive mother can carry the pregnancy herself and deliver her genetically unrelated baby.

As with surrogacy, an attorney is required for every family donating or adopting embryos. Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman  can provide the legal assistance you need through every step of the embryo adoption process, including:

  • providing the information and advice you need to ensure you understand how to adopt an embryo safely and legally.
  • drafting a detailed legal contract to ensure the adoptive parents’ parental rights are fully clarified and that the donors do not have any parental rights or responsibilities for the resulting child.
  • addressing any unused embryos that are leftover following the embryo adoption.
  • obtaining a parentage order, if necessary, to ensure legal parentage of the child is clear.
  • and more.

This is an advanced type of family-building that requires the assistance of experienced legal and medical professionals. If you are interested in donating or adopting an embryo, please contact Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman  to learn how to get started.