How Much Does Surrogacy Cost? A Breakdown

Often, intended parents who are considering surrogacy as a family-building path ask, “How much does surrogacy cost?”

There is no single answer to this question. The cost of surrogacy varies greatly depending upon the circumstances and services involved in each individual journey. Realistically, you’ll only be able to estimate your total surrogacy costs in Georgia or North Carolina after you speak with a surrogacy professional like those at Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman .

When you contact our law firm, our surrogacy attorneys can describe the costs of surrogacy you might expect in your personal situation. Your individual surrogacy needs will impact your total price of surrogacy, and you’ll need to understand them before you commit to this family-building process. You can always contact our professionals at 404-442-6969 for more information.

How We Can Help Guide You Through Your Surrogacy in Georgia
How We Can Guide You Through Your Surrogacy in North Carolina

While every intended parent’s total surrogacy fees will be different, the average cost of surrogacy in Georgia and North Carolina often does include these categories of fees:

Attorney Fees

Your total cost of surrogacy must include the fees paid to two separate attorneys — one to represent you as an intended parent and one to represent your surrogate. You will be responsible for covering your surrogate’s legal fees, and she must have a separate surrogacy attorney.

The drafting of your surrogacy contract is a complicated process that must be completed by an experienced surrogacy attorney — and each party must be separately represented. This is to ensure that both the surrogate and the intended parent have their separate needs and wants addressed in the contract.

In addition to the drafting of the surrogacy contract, a surrogacy attorney is needed to ensure that all applicable state laws are followed every step of the way. Every state’s laws regarding surrogacy are different, which is why a “one-size-fits-all” contract (like those found online) will not substantially protect the surrogacy parties. As they navigate your state laws, your surrogacy attorney will also take the necessary steps to protect your parental rights to your child through a pre-birth parentage order.

You can contact our attorneys today to learn more about the legal surrogacy fees you can expect with our law firm.

Surrogate Compensation

One of the biggest aspects of gestational surrogacy cost in Georgia and North Carolina is the base compensation that a surrogate may receive.

When a woman decides to be a surrogate for intended parents, she is eligible for a base compensation for her services. This is a base fee, usually averaging around $25,000, negotiated in the surrogacy contract and paid out over her pregnancy.

Our surrogacy attorneys can represent you through the negotiation of this surrogacy cost to ensure that the appropriate amount is paid to your surrogate. Our attorneys will also ensure that all other expenses — such as medical bills, travel expenses, work compensation and more — are adequately addressed in your surrogacy contract, as well.

If you are completing a compassionate (or altruistic) surrogacy, your costs of surrogacy won’t include a base compensation, but your attorney will still address the other expenses and reimbursements you will need to cover for your surrogate.

Medical Expenses

As mentioned, the medical expenses of your personal journey will greatly impact your overall cost of surrogacy. You will be required to cover all of your surrogate’s medical expenses, as well as any expenses involved in creating an embryo for the transfer and/or obtaining a donor gamete for the process. How much your IVF surrogacy cost will be depends upon your insurance situation (including any need to purchase an additional policy), whether you have any existing embryos and how many transfers it takes before a successful pregnancy is achieved.

As the intended parent, you will choose the fertility clinic to work with. Often, intended parents already have an existing relationship with a clinic. You will cover the surrogate’s travel costs to and from this clinic when it comes time for testing and embryo transfer.

Agency/Program Services – Marketing, Case Management & Support

Finally, one of the greatest surrogacy costs will be from other services needed for a successful journey — those needed to find a surrogate, screen her for the surrogacy process and maintain a positive, successful relationship during the journey. While those in independent surrogacy journeys must purchase these surrogacy services separately, those who are working with a surrogacy agency or program will find all of these services included in their overall program surrogacy fees.

At Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman , we work with intended parents who are completing both paths. For those interested in the assistance of a surrogacy program, we can offer referrals to local program Southern Surrogacy. While the costs of surrogacy may seem greater at the start, working with a program may save you money in the long run. Unless you are comfortable managing your case on your own and providing the emotional and practical support your surrogate requires along the way, the extra cost for surrogacy with a professional program may be well worth it. Even if you do complete an independent surrogacy, keep in mind that the costs of your separate professionals may add up to a similar overall costs in the end.

Whether you are considering working with a surrogacy program or considering an independent surrogacy, it’s a good idea to contact an agency to get a better idea of all the services involved — and the additional expenses that will be required in an independent surrogacy.

Determining Your Overall Surrogacy Cost in Georgia or N.C.

If you are asking, “How much does surrogacy cost in my situation?” we encourage you to contact our surrogacy attorneys at 678-865-8264. With our deep understanding of both the legal process of surrogacy and the practical aspects, we can explain what you may expect as your overall surrogacy price in Georgia or North Carolina moving forward.

For those residing in Georgia, our dedicated team can guide you through the specific costs and legal procedures unique to your state. You can learn more by visiting our Georgia Surrogacy page. Similarly, we offer comprehensive legal services for those looking to navigate the process of surrogacy in North Carolina. For more detailed information, please check our North Carolina Surrogacy page.

We can also provide referrals to local surrogacy professionals for estimates of other services required in surrogacy, as well as resources to help you better afford your surrogacy process. At Claiborne | Fox | Bradley | Goldman, we are committed to making your journey to parenthood as smooth and transparent as possible. Contact us to begin your personalized consultation.