Egg, Sperm & Embryo Donation

Claiborne|Fox|Bradley provides reliable legal advice and services to clients who require egg, sperm, or embryo donation in order to build their families.  Specifically, we work with a network of healthcare providers, including egg and sperm banks, to provide you with a referral to the right professionals.

Our attorneys also draft highly-detailed donor contracts which are tailored to your specific needs.  With egg, sperm, and embryo donation on the cutting edge of medicine and the law, we are constantly updating our contract provisions to conform with the changing legal landscape of this evolving form of family building. Each legal agreement is carefully drafted to the unique circumstances of your family.

Our goal in representing clients who are donating and receiving eggs, sperm, or embryos is to ensure that all parties’ rights and interests are protected and especially to protect the parent-child relationship of the family.